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It was an eventful humpday here at the B1039 studio today. We had a visit from Red Gamso Director of Marketing & Communications at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. 

She came to inform us that this Saturday March 26, at 10 am to 1pm there’s a Youth Business Fair. It is open to the community and supports young entrepreneurs at this fun family festival.

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The Greater Naples Chamber’s Youth Business Fair grants kids the opportunity to create a product, business model, marketing strategy and then sell that product to the public in a safe environment. This year we are expanding with a pitch event to allow high school students to pitch their business ideas to leaders in our community to have the chance to win prizes in various categories.

Youth Business Fair

Big Mama and The WiLD BUNCH get a visit from Red Gamso Director of Marketing & Communications



Michelle Ayyy & Red Gamso Director of Marketing & Communications