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On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Lorde performs at "Good Morning America's" Summer Concert Series at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on August 20, 2021 in New York City.

Lorde’s Solar Power released today, after four years since her last album, Melodrama. Inspired by experiences in the sun, Lorde took an environmental approach to the release of her new music — she isn’t going to be selling any physical CD’s, being fully carbon neutral.

Watch the music video for one of the most well-received songs on the album, “Mood Ring” below:

  • 'Solar Power' Song Titles

    One user pointed out the song title names reflecting solar power, with “Fallen Fruit” being food insecurity, while “The Man with the Axe” is deforestation, “Dominoes” is continuous environmental degradation, “Big Star” is a waning sun, “Leader of a New Regime” is eco-fascism and “Oceanic Feeling” is the melting icecaps.

  • What To Do If You Don't Like The New Album

    This fan kept it simple with a very helpful thread for those who don’t like Solar Power: get therapy.

  • The Album vs. The Tracklist

    The album cover may evoke youth and happy times, but as this fan points out, it gets quite sad.


  • Forget All The Tears You Cried, It's Over

    One fan quoted the line, “Forget all the tears you cried, it’s over” from the song “Solar Power.” This gif of a mustached man crying totally sums it up.


  • Starting 'Solar Power' vs. The End Of 'Solar Power'

    As many of us went into listening to the album, there wasn’t any forewarning on just how sad some of the songs would be like this meme illustrates.

  • Thanks For Changing My Life

    One fan credited Lorde for making one of the best albums they’ve heard this year.

  • After Listening To 'Solar Power'

    One fan tweeted a series of inspirational and motivational growth photos to summarize how it felt after listening to the album.


  • 'Mood Ring' Is A Popular Hit

    Many fans raved about the 11th song appearing on Solar Power, with the music video released earlier this week.

  • The Touching Song About The Love For Her Dog

    As this fan points out, Lorde wrote the song “Big Star” for her dog Pearl so that he’d know how much she loves him and “I don’t know how to finish this album without pausing every five minutes.”


  • Comparing Lorde's Three Albums

    pure heroine was lorde’s growing up album and melodrama was her growing pains album and solar power is so clearly lorde finally settling into herself,” one fan said.

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