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McDonald’s sauces are staple in my childhood. As a child, this was one of my go-to places to go to! On Big Mama and the WiLD BUNCH we spoke about the sauces today and my go-to is always the  Tangy Barbecue Sauce my absolute favorite. I discovered that Big Mama dislikes sauces, but he loved the Sweet n’ Sour sauce. “It gives him flashbacks from his childhood,” he said.
Budman’s favorite sauce is Tangy Barbecue and Hot Mustard, which is not in locations right now. Our interns chimed in Drew Boo loves Spicy Buffalo, which I didn’t know they had, and Ali, that girl, said her number one is Ranch, but has a special place in her heart for Honey mustard.

According to, They ranked the sauces. I included it below. Do you agree with how they ranked them?


Szechuan Sauce is only available through their app. Which sauce is your favorite?




  • 1. Szechuan

  • 2. Spicy Buffalo

  • 3. Sweet N' Sour

  • 4. Hot Mustard

  • 5. Ketchup

  • 6. Ranch

  • 7. Mustard

  • 8. Tangy BBQ