Pythons are a huge problem in the Everglades, which is why the state has 25 state-contracted invasive python hunters in the Florida Everglades. One of them being Python Cowboy. I’ve seen enough of these videos to know that hunting pythons in the swamp is completely insane. There’s just so many things there that want to kill you. So to go in, hunt, and capture these gigantic pythons is insane. Even better is when they bring along cameras to capture it all for their Youtube channel. The  channel “Python Cowboy” has 132,000 subscribers and provides some amazing footage. In his latest video his hunting dog, Moose, comes across a nest. A giant mama python guarding 45 (or more) eggs. When you watch the video you’ll probably have the same question I have, which is “why doesn’t he use some kind of hook or tool?”. Dude literally reaches into the nest and grabs a monster snake by the neck. The video description is “We Found The Biggest Python Nest With Over 45 Eggs On Python Island. Allie, moose and I are heading out to python islands to check out the GPS locations I’ve marked over the last year to see what we can find. This trip did not disappoint. We ended up finding a python nest. It was one of the biggest python nest I’ve found. ”

The Everglades are so crazy we actually have a category for it on our website.  The other question I had on this video was “what does he do with the eggs?” He freezes them and sells them for educational purposes. My money would have been on frying them up. I wonder what a python egg would taste like? Like chicken? I put so much hot sauce on my eggs I doubt that I’d even notice the difference.

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