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On Big Mama and the Wild Bunch, we spoke about quotes that changed our lives forever. SWFL sent so many messages in the Absolute Text Line. If you are interested in texting your quote, send it to (239) 765-1039. Big Mama’s favorite quote is “From your mouth to God’s ears.” He calls it a great way to manifest what you want in life! It works well for our Manifest Mondays.

Budman has a great quote from Spiderman of course ” With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.” The mantra for all super heroes is important to Bud because he lives his life as if it were a comic book. He says he is raising a super hero and instills quotes like this one to build his daughter Kara-Zor-El’s character.

My Quote is “If You Don’t Ask You Won’t Receive.” This quote has been how I have lived my life. It is manifesting and it is having the confidence and knowing your worth, your value to request exactly what it is that you want from people as well. Also, it allows you to be comfortable with rejection. What can someone possibly say when you ask for that new promotion? No? Who cares! That’s how I have gotten into some interesting situations like backstage to concerts, started in my Radio career, and my son is here because I manifested it! I asked God for it and here he is. Thank God 12 years later! I think some people are scared to ask for what they want many times don’t have the confidence to do it. Or may not like rejection, but this shouldn’t stop you from requesting what you want your life to look like!

Below I added SWFL’s responses for THE QUOTE THAT HAS CHANGED YOR LIFE FOREVER if you don’t have a quote yet, maybe one of these will change your life too. They make great captions. Which is your favorite?

  • Work the solution NOT the problem!

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