Florida is the number one state to retire to, and if you’re coming down with slim pockets but still want to own that Naples zip code, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 least expensive houses for sale in Naples right now. And yes, this is the companion piece to  The 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Naples Right Now   because honestly, most of us don’t have 47 million in the bank OR someone who’s gonna give us that kind of coin.

The Naples market is still hot right now, so if you see something you like best to grab it quick. Even places that look like these don’t stay on the market. Some of the  houses on the list kind of remind me of Ray Finkle’s childhood home in Collier County in Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

A classic.

The houses near the bottom on the list actually look like nice places. And some of them are low priced just because they’re really small. Like reaaaaaly small. We’ll start with them. As always shout out to my realtor neighbor Mark, who drives an obnoxious Black Corvette that looks like the Batmobile.

I did a search on Realtor.com for the lowest priced single family homes in Naples and this is what I found. I decided not to do condos or vacant land. So if your desire to own a house in Naples is high, but your credit score low – here’s the 10 least expensive homes for sale in Naples right now.


  • 10. 5222 Sholtz St - $299,000

    Didn’t think you could buy a house in Naples for les than 300K? Think again because I found 10. This one in Naples Manor.



  • 9. 4821 Lakewood Blvd Unit C1 - $295,000

    At 1,222 square feet it’s not much bigger than an apartment but for just 295 it can be yours.



  • 8. 478 Leawood Cir, - $289,000

    Looks like they just put some money into those pavers.



  • 7. 5541 Sholtz St - $280,000

    None of the pictures show the outside of the home. That’s gotta be a red flag, right?



  • 6. 1327 Monarch Cir - $269,000

    Interstate access and near the river.



  • 5. 2579 Andrew Dr, Naples - $260,000

    For starters, that’s no a garage door, it’s a tarp. Secondly, why is there a bedpost in the bathroom. The large bear mural in the bedroom, however, I’d want that to stay with the house.



  • 4.1975 Everglades Blvd S - $250,000

    Perfect for the SWFL resident who doesn’t like the sun. All the windows are boarded up. There’s no pictures of the inside of this 1,008 square foot beauty, but there does appear to be a homeless encampment out back.



  • 3. 1321 Everglades Blvd S - $220,000

    One thing I noticed, however, is that there doesn’t appear to be any sort of driveway. But there is a shed with a heavy door and the window boarded up. What went on here?



  • 2. 1911 Della Dr - $187,500

    This house is actually in much better shape than the last two. Just a note to the realtor to at least prop the door up where it goes before you take the pictures.



  • 1. 1921 Della Dr - $187,500

    This appears to be the neighbor of number 2 on the list as they share a “front gate”. It’s actually pretty clean inside and the backyard is woods. With no pesky HOA fees and not many neighbors this is not a bad find.



  • Can I rent a house in Naples for under 2 grand a month?

    Yes. You have one choice. This one.



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