Florida is the number one state to retire to, and if you’re coming down with deep pockets, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most expensive properties for sale in Fort Myers right now. If you’re coming down with bags, I’d suggest you check out The 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Naples Right Now. I think the most expensive house for sale in Fort Myers wouldn’t even crack the top 20 in Naples.

So if you’ve got the cash, or maybe you just won the Powerball and want to check out houses for sale in Fort Myers. Or a big raise at the job. No problem, but if you’re looking to finance, better do it quick before interest rates go up. Financing a 16 million dollar house is roughly $69,000 a month for principal and interest. Don’t forget the taxes, and since many of the homes are on or very near the beach, some of these properties are their own island – there’s a lot more upkeep involved. That salt water takes a toll.

Many of these homes are pending or even contingent. The Fort Myers market is super hot right now, so if you see something you like best to grab it quick. Shout out to Brandon Plotnick who did an article on “The 9 Most Expensive Fayetteville Homes“. I’ve never been to Fayetteville but by looking at the list, a million dollars goes a lot further than it does here in Southwest Florida. Also shout out to my realtor neighbor Mark, who drives an obnoxious Black Corvette that looks like the Batmobile.

I did a search on Realtor.com for properties in Fort Myers over $900,000 and it came back with 165 results. I’m way too lazy to write an article that long, so just to whittle this down, let’s just look at the ten most expensive properties for sale today.



  • 10. 9150 Penzance Blvd - $4,499,000

    It’s a pretty house, sure, but what that 4 and half million really gets you is that 10 acre lot.



  • 9. 826 Cal Cove Dr - $4,750,000

    If you’re not by the pool every night for sunset what are you doing.



  • 8. 1201 Carlene Ave - $5,000,000

    An infinity pool that overlooks the Caloosahatchee. Wow.



  • 7. Beautiful Island - $5,000,000

    This looks to be about a third of Beautiful Island. if you really don’t want neighbors, this may be your route.



  • 6. 3336 W Riverside Dr - $5,300,000

    Getting into the big ones, now.



  • 5. 21900 State Road 82 - $5,800,000

    Honestly, the house isn’t that special. But it comes with 91 acres and you OWN YOUR OWN LAKE!



  • 4. 11240 Longwater Chase Ct SW - $6,499,000

    This place looks like a resort.



  • 3. San Carlos Park??????? - $6,750,000

    It’s 11 and a half acres along 41 just north of the San Carlos Park McDonald’s. Like, you could walk to the McDonald’s. Until they bring back the McRib, I’m gonna scroll past this one.



  • 2. Beautiful Island - $7,200,000

    At an almost 50% higher price, this must be the ‘good side’ of the island.



  • 1. 1240 Coconut Dr - $15,950,000

    And number one by by a lot – is this beast on Coconut Drive. It’s got it’s own theater.



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