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A one-of-a-kind esports platform backed by a legacy media company and the first nationally syndicated brand of its kind.  Whether you are an OWL player, a fanatic following a favorite team, or play candy crush on your smartphone at night, CheckpointXP has content that will engage on air and online; live and on demand.  We are constantly improving and adding to our content roster as we keep pace with the growing esports and video game space.

CheckpointXP is part of Beasley Esports, the esports division of Beasley Media Group launched in 2018.  Beasley Esports is committed to connecting with gaming fans via our multi-platform content offerings; catering to esports leagues, players, streamers and fans—and the games & music that capture it all.

Checkpoint XP Shows and Podcast


Each week audiences of CheckpointXP will get the news that impacts gamers and gaming fans alike, plus various topical stories from the world of esports & gaming pop culture. The team lays out who rose to the challenge and who completely bombed in the weekly “Nailed It & Failed It” segment and spotlights the most shocking moments in esports competitions during the “Close Shave of the Week” feature. Join James, Robbie, and Weirdbeard each week and stay up-to-date on everything you need to know.


The Voice of Collegiate Esports & Video Gaming – by students, for students. From varsity and club esports tournaments, to college curriculum focused on gaming, CheckpointXP On Campus delivers more than just stats and scores. Let’s Play.


Checkpoint Daily breaks down the biggest stories in esports, gaming, and geek culture. From Cosplay to consoles and everything in-between, we have you covered.

Hosted by gamers and video game journalists, Norris Howard, Kali Scales, and Chadd Callahan. They’ve got your daily update on all the things you love in 30 minutes or less.


Enter the weekend with everything you need to know about the Overwatch League. The OWLs Nest is an Overwatch and Overwatch League podcast that puts emphasis on the hosts accessibility and credibility within their space. Robbie is a host on CheckpointXPBeasley Media’s esports lifestyle show, a fan and player of Overwatch since its inception.  He brings a wide array of opinions and perspectives to the audience. Jake is a former pro and current caster for the Overwatch League; insider knowledge and professional testimony with a clear and concise authority. Together, Robbie and Jake have the talent and expertise to appeal to fans of all types. One of the pillars of The OWL’s Nest is competition that exists on and off the field of play. It’s the host’s job to challenge each other to bring you the coverage you want and expect about the teams, the players and the stories that affect them throughout the season. The action doesn’t stop when the payload reaches its destination as The OWL’s Nest aims to ask the tough questions, highlight the hottest rivalries and showcase the most passionate personalities in the league. 


Weekly podcast where you can hear the CheckpointXP cast uncensored and unconstrained! From cosplay to console and everything in between, there is nothing in the nerd realm that is off the table. 


Super Heroes aren’t just in comic books anymore. They’ve become a central part of the mainstream consciousness. From TV to movies, from toys to video games, the likes of Wonder WomanBlack PantherIron Man, and Ms. Marvel dominate pop culture. The Other Identity explores the way these characters and concepts live with us and influence the people we become. From the 10-year-old girl who wants to be Captain Marvel to three generations of dads bonding over their Superman comics, these modern myths offer something for everybody. CheckpointXP’s Robbie Landis is joined by Ben Morse, a lifelong fan who got the chance to work at Marvel during their most dynamic decade. Join them as they celebrate the comic book heroes that inspire us all, providing a way for longtime fans and newcomers alike to enjoy this exciting world!


About Robbie: Robbie grew up in ‘the nerd life’ where comics and video games weren’t cool and often got you targeted by bullies. His love for the world of super heroes was ignited by X-MenSpider-Man and Batman the Animated series. Those were the gateway into the world of comics. Just like with the cartoons Spider-Man and the Ultimate Universe was his first true love in comics.

About Ben: From the minute he saw the first episode of X-Men: The Animated Series on Halloween night 1992, Ben fell in love with super heroes and the universes they populate. Somehow he was able to parlay this passion into a career, starting out as a writer at Wizard Magazine before spending a decade in the digital media department of Marvel Comics. Currently a visiting lecturer at UNLV in Las Vegas, Ben loves defending the Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, why Wally West is the best Flash, and other lukewarm takes.