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One Million Moms Boycott “Toy Story 4” Over Lesbian Scene: The Christian organization One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of Disney's "Toy Story 4" because of "dangerous lesbian content."  (more…)

Joe Winner

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The fight for Toy Supremacy is on! With the closure of Toys R Us, outlets like Amazon and Walmart are fighting for your holiday toy dollars. The Pumpkin Spice has barely hit the shelves and Amazon has released their 100 toys for the holidays. They are even releasing a paper copy of their toy list to mail to homes and place in Whole Foods and other Amazon outlets.

Walmart is expanding their toy presence online by 40% and expanding their toy aisles in the stores.

Couple items from the Amazon list are, Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set, Ozobot Bit Coding Robot, the old school red wagon, Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby, Barbie Care Clinic vehicle and Monopoly, the Cheaters Edition to name a few.


Every year there is one toy of the season, what was your favorite toy of the season?