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Woman Gets Revenge By Leaving $5,000 Tip On Boyfriend’s Credit Card  Here’s your Florida story for the day: a woman is facing charges for leaving a $5,000 tip – because she used her boyfriend’s credit card.

Police in Clearwater, FL say Serina Wolfe and her boyfriend got into an argument because he refused to by her a plane ticket home to Buffalo, New York. Wolfe then used her boyfriend’s card to make a $55 purchase at a local cafe – leaving a $5,000 tip for the waitress.  By the time the credit card company notified the cafe, they had already paid it out.

Wolfe was arrested on grand theft charges.  The boyfriend says she was trying to get back at him and was likely intoxicated at the time.

Ever accidentally rack up a huge charge you didn’t mean to?  Did the CC company take care of it?