Have you ever wanted to know what you would look like if you were a Disney character? Well with the new and trending “Voila AI Artist” app your curiosity may be put to rest.  

The Voila AI Artist app is free for both Apple and Android users- both offer premium memberships within the app.  

The app works by taking a photo of your whole face and converts it into your choice of three different cartoon styles.  

It’s easy and fun to do! All you need is to download the Voila AI Artist app from your app store, select the three cartoon styles that you would like to see from the four that are listed, and then snap your photo! The app takes care of all the rendering and shading for you.  

We wanted to see what Big Mama & The WiLD Bunch would look like if they had a cartoon show, and we gotta say it would be SO cool! 

Check out the cartoon version of Big Mama & The WiLD Bunch below! 


Brianna is a taco-eating, 90 Day Fiancé binge watching, dog-loving Digital Intern for Beasley Media Group Fort Myers. @xo.bri.anna