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A teddy bear left was left behind at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.

The staff at the hotel wanted to make sure the bear had a luxury Hawaiian vacation. The bear is named Sutro. Anna Pickard’s son left him in the hotel bed. Pickard sent an e-mail to the housekeeping staff and luckily, Sutro was ok.

To assure Pickard’s son that Sutro was fine, the hotel staff took pictures of the bear receiving VIP treatment. He got a manicure, relaxed by the pool and lounged by the beach. Sutro was joined by a newly purchased Hawaiian monk seal plush doll that was also left behind.

Pickard also left her son a postcard from Sutro the bear on his pillow. Sutro “wrote” he was just spending a few extra days in Hawaii and that he and his monk seal friend would be home soon.

Has your child ever left a stuffed animal somewhere while traveling? Did you ever get it back?

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