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Think your good at catching a liar?

Retired Green Beret Sergeant Major Karl Erickson shares some tips on how to tell if someone is lying. First, he says some people are naturally nervous and aren’t liars. So get social, check out their social media to dig up some easy information you know they won’t lie about. Then ask them questions about it, this will help you find their baseline, watching their eyes or body language will help distinguish if they are just naturally jittery. Then ask questions that they may be uncomfortable with and might lie about and look for any changes in their actions. If you think they’re lying then ask the same question in three different ways, if they respond in a scripted then they may be lying or not telling the whole truth. If they respond fast they could have already had a story ready for you, and if you can have another person to be your there to watch the person’s actions it could be helpful to catch things you don’t see.

Do you think you’re good at catching a liar? What are your tips?

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