Ariana Grande is being sued over her God Is A Woman music video by artist, Vladimir Kush who made a painting 20 years ago that features a woman in the flame of a candle surrounded by clouds, the imagery is similar to Grande’s video.

Kush says that the production company that Ariana used to do God Is a Woman, is known for stealing art, Freenjoy, Inc was also accused of stealing art that was used in Kendrick Lamar’s All The Stars video. Kush is suing Ariana and Freenjoy, Inc for copyright infringement and wants her video to be removed from the Internet, however, the video has already racked up over 200 million views.

Should Ariana be liable for a video she didn’t produce? If artists can sue over their work being used in videos, should dancers be able to sue for their dances being used without their permission?

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