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If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day movie for a Netflix and chill session there’s a code for that and the codes have been revealed.

The Sun has found the secret codes that can unlock categories of movies and have put together a guide on how to access the movies on any device.

If you didn’t know Netflix has hidden codes that give a viewer access to specific categories to enhance the viewing experience all you have to do is insert a number at the end of the Netflix URL on your computer to get them.

The numbers can get you categories like Valentine’s Day Films, Romantic, Romantic Films, Feel-good Romantic Comedies, and more.

Have you ever heard of these Netflix codes? Have you ever used these Netflix codes to watch films?

Netflix Valentine’s Day codes revealed

There are loads of romantic genres to try out – and The Sun has compiled the very best:

  • Valentine’s Day Films – 50117
  • Romantic Favourites – 502675
  • Valentine’s Day Favourites – 1952249
  • Romantic – 100052
  • Romantic Films – 8883
  • Romantic Comedies – 5475
  • Steamy Romantic Films – 35800
  • Feel-good Romantic Comedies – 35797
  • Romantic Teen Films – 1764
  • Romantic Dramas – 1255
  • Feel-good Romantic Films – 35714
  • Romantic Teen Comedies – 3186
  • Comedies for Hopeless Romantics – 81506
  • Romance – 8883
  • Steamy Romance – 35800
  • Teen Romance – 53915

Get the full story here and the entire code list