Lamar Odom has been busy on the media circuit promoting his new book, Darkness to Light.

In the memoir, he tells a story of the time Khloe had to “put hands” on a stripper who was in Lamar’s room while also covering up for him. The year was 2012 and he was in a hotel in Los Angeles. He said there were naked girls, cocaine and drugs. Khloe bulldozed into the room and pounced on one of the strippers. He said Khloe was “dropping vicious blows” on the girl. Kris Jenner was there screaming while one of their security guards had to pull Khloe off of the girl. Khloe then tells him to get his things while the security cleans up all traces of drugs. They snuck out the back. He goes on to say that Khloe is the love of his life.

Do you think they will get back together or do they make better friends?

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