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Dua Lipa attends the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Working out to music can improve your performance during a gym session. What if we told you that certain artists can influence how much of an impact that improvement can be? Music has an innate ability to distract us from fatigue, promote endurance and even reduce perceived effort, a new study conducted by Pure Gym has shown. In the study, gym-goers completed three main lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat in silence, as well as to popular artists from a variety of genres.

The results revealed that just adding music in general can improve your weightlifting performance by a significant 13%, but there are some musicians that help more than others — participants who worked out to Dua Lipa recorded on average a huge 37.93% increase in the amount of weight lifted versus when they lifted to no music.

Following just behind Dua Lipa was Harry Styles, the current king of pop who left boyband One Direction and has since gone on to have an incredibly successful solo career. Styles was revealed to help us lift about 35% heavier. South Korean troupe BTS closed the top three, helping gym-goers to lift nearly 23% heavier compared to their control. BTS changed the face of K-pop and have one of the most committed fan bases in the world. Rounding out the top five are singer/rapper Lizzo and rapper Eminem, who raises lifting potential to 13.58% and 12.68% heavier, respectively.

These are the top 10 artists who can help you lift more weight (Based on 60kg control weight):

1. Dua Lipa — 37.93% 23kg

2. Harry Styles — 35.71% 21kg

3. BTS — 22.47% 13kg

4. Lizzo — 13.58% 8kg

5. Eminem — 12.68% 7.5kg

6. Drake — 10.61% 6kg

7. Olivia Rodrigo — 10.27% 6kg

8. Beyonce — 9.93% 6kg

9. Doja Cat — 9.44% 5.5kg

10. Metallica — 8.33% 5kg

Dua Lipa not only is the top artist that can help you lift more weight, but is the second most likely to help you complete more reps too – making a Dua Lipa-studded playlist your best bet for a quality gym session. Completing the top three is Harry Styles at first place and Olivia Rodrigo, who recently won three Grammys this past weekend. The Weeknd and Drake round out the top five.

These are the top 5 artists that can help increase more reps:

1. Harry Styles — 23.03%

2. Dua Lipa — 22.03%

3. Olivia Rodrigo — 6.07%

4. The Weeknd — 3.88%

5. Drake — 3.38%

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