Times Square, a popular tourist destination in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and is considered the heart of Estero Island.

Every day, locals and tourists head to Fort Myers Beach. It truly is one of the best beaches in the area.

You can see all sorts of things including the many shops and places to eat,  street performers, dolphins breaching the waters, and drunk homeless guys head butting people.

This video comes from the Southern Life video channel. They travel around the area, sometimes off into other states, but always keep the video rolling. Because you never know when something crazy is about to happen. The encounter happens just after the 3 minute mark.



Lol at the vlogger’s comment about being 300 pounds so he can take it. “I’ve just been assaulted by a homeless man.”

Fort Myers Beach is a great place to hang out, and normally, you don’t get assaulted by the homeless. Also of interest in the video is that you can really see the progress of the new Margaritaville Hotel. It’s really some great foresight that the hotel is building a skywalk over Estero Blvd so that their hotel guests don’t have to deal with the rest of us down on the street.

This video actually reminded me of another video that was posted not too long ago. Why Fort Myers Sucks. Enjoy:

Travel Blogger Explains Why You Shouldn't Move To Fort Myers

Travel bloggers are fun. They don’t really know much about an area but seem to be very opinionated anyway. Case in point, this blog that goes by 601 Travels. They have just over 22 thousand subscribers and apparently they must have visited Fort Myers earlier this month. So they made a list of 10 reasons you should not move to Fort Myers, Florida. Judging by the overwhelming flow of people migrating to the area, I’m guessing not many people have seen this video. So I’m gonna share it. Not because I agree with everything they say, but because I’d love it if less people moved here. I’ve been here 20 years and absolutely love it here. But wow, our roads were just not built to handle this many people.

Last weekend I went to Publix and was aghast at how many retirees were buying full carts of groceries. Snowbird season is supposed to end at Easter but these people didn’t look like they were planning to move back up north for the summer. More people are staying year round, and more people are moving here.

So if you’re one of the many, many, many people looking to move to Southwest Florida. Here’s a video of why you shouldn’t.

  • TOP 10 Reasons why FORT MYERS, FLORIDA is the WORST city in the US!


    If you can’t listen, here’s her top 10:

  • #10 Flat AF

    Apparently being flat is bad?

  • #9 Really Bad Traffic

    Ok, right now yes. Hopefully it eases up after Easter.

  • #8 Crazy Critters

    Duh, that’s Florida’s state motto: “We Got Bugs”. She also recommends carrying a weapon to stay safe from bears.

  • #7 Low Pay

    She thinks we all make $23,000 a year.

  • #6 Crime

    Compared to Miami? Really?

  • #5 Hurricanes

    She claims we get a major hurricane once every 3 years.

  • #4 Seniors

    We’re full of old people. Ok, I can’t really dispute that one.  But the seniors here don’t drive old Buicks down 41, they drive BMWs.

  • #3 HOA Fees

    “Over a thousand dollars a month”. I mean, not where I live.

  • #2 Packed People

    Again, compared to Miami or Tampa? Not even. She thinks everyone lives within walking distance of the beach.

  • #1 Expensive

    Based on the $23,000 a year she claims we all make.