Hurricane Ian banner with storm clouds background. Hurricane alert. 3D illustration.

So Long Ian, For Good?  We certainly hope so.  Southwest Florida has had it with the name Ian over the last month.

Every year the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) gets together in the spring, to talk about the previous years hurricane season.  And, there should be little doubt that the WMO has plenty of reason to permanently ban the name Ian, so it won’t be used for a named storm ever again.

Coincidentally, a dozen named hurricanes starting with “I” have been produced in the last few decades.  The way hurricane seasons have been going as of late, it’s safe to say we will always see a named storm beginning with “I”.

Of course, most will probably remember the big storms beginning with an “I”.  Hurricanes such as Inez in 1956, Isadore in 2002, Ivan in 2004, Irma in 2017 (SWFL remembers this one all too well) and Ida in 2021.. Seems like the storms beginning with “I” favor making landfall in Florida.

But, Ian left a trail of devastation like no other.  The devastation can be seen from space.  It will take many years to repair the damaged caused only a month ago. Numerous lives were lost. Numerous businesses, apartments, homes, landmarks, all suffered irreversible damage.  But, we are #FloridaStrong, and we will rebuild.

What more can be said?  Lets hope we never hear of a storm named Ian again.  Good riddance!

New Hurricane Ian Photos From Fort Myers Beach