Naples Celebrity Judge Judy Terrified This A-List Star.  This star, who already has a lot to worry about, now has this.

Eggs were the first thing that sprang to mind when I first considered Justin Bieber being afraid of something. They might suffer from karma. You can’t go flinging eggs at someone’s door without anticipating them popping up at yours eventually. We all recall Justin Bieber’s egg-throwing incident at his neighbor’s door during one of his wilder phases back in the day. Whether he did it in jest or out of anger, it wasn’t cool. I’m hoping he didn’t get an egg on his face later. Still, if Justin Bieber were to feel threatened, perhaps it was because of Selena Gomez’s followers.

Judge Judy Terrified:

Breakups are never simple, particularly when they involve a popular star like Selena Gomez. As my thoughts kept wandering, I considered additional things Justin Bieber might be terrified of. Perhaps irate babysitters or Justin Bieber’s darkest thoughts. They are compelled to monitor the neighbor’s child for pitiful pay and late hours, the tune “baby” playing over and over in their minds. There was yet another concern for Justin Bieber, as I continue to think about his scary ideas. Alec Baldwin.

Since you are married to his family, you don’t want to upset or enrage him. If I were Justin Bieber, there would be a lot to be terrified of. not to mention your own insane supporters! Wow, that is scary.

 Naples Own Judge Judy:

But I certainly didn’t anticipate this one: living right here in Southwest Florida would be one of his worst nightmares. That fear is Judge Judy, a famous judge, who resides in Naples, in case you didn’t know. Justin Bieber is reportedly utterly scared of her, according to the TV Judge. A recent interview during which these remarks were made public.

After Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest and egg-throwing episode, Judge Judy claims that he was scared to run into his then-neighbor. According to Rolling Stone, On television at the time, Judge Judy didn’t speak well of Justin Bieber.  I myself have to wonder if Judge Judy took the brunt of the eggs. Maybe? Justin did not want to run into judge Judy on the street, in any case. In order to make sure they didn’t run into one other, he even had his guards keep track of Judge Judy’s arrival and departure times from the neighborhood.

Terrified tonight:

So there you have it, Justin Bieber’s greatest nightmare is coming true: Judge Judy is waiting to approach him in the creepiest recesses of his mine, looking out from the closet in the middle of the night. People watch judge Judy’s fury on television every day, but that is only on television. And Justin Bieber still struggles with his mind. For a moment, Justin might see Judge Judy there in the shadows… waiting for him.. If only in his mind.