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Brad Pitt is seen onstage while David Fincher receives the "Honorary César Award" during the 48th Cesar Film Awards at L'Olympia on February 24, 2023 in Paris, France. Gwyneth Paltrow attends The Daily Front Row's Seventh Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards at The Beverly Hills Hotel on April 23, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.Ben Affleck attends Amazon Studios' World Premiere Of "AIR" at Regency Village Theatre on March 27, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Gwyneth Paltrow has shared juicy details of the bedroom skills of lovers’ past in a new interview. The Goop founder has dated some of the hottest men in Hollywood, including Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck before marrying Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Paltrow, 50, began dating Pitt at 22 years old in 1994 after meeting him while on the set of Se7en. The couple got engaged two years later, only to call it quits a few months afterward. Per Us Weekly, the California native reflected on their relationship in 2015. She said, “I think I was a kid and I wasn’t ready. He was too good for me. I honestly do think I was too young and didn’t know what I was doing.”

The exes reunited last June when they collaborated on one of her Goop products, appropriately called “God’s True Cashmere.” The actress interviewed him, and Pitt gushed about how “lovely” it was to have Gwyneth “as a friend now.” He added, “I do love you,” to which she responded, “I love you so much.”

Moving on from Pitt, Paltrow began dating Affleck on and off between 1997 and 2000. Reflecting on their relationship 15 years later as she did with Pitt, the actress claimed that Ben “was not in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend” during those years. A few years later, and Paltrow met the Coldplay frontman, whom she married in December 2003. The couple welcomed their daughter Apple in 2004 and two years later, their son Moses. After more than a decade of marriage, the couple announced in 2014 that they were “consciously uncoupling.” Gwyneth is now married to television producer Brad Falchuk, whom she married in 2018.

As for the juicy details of which of her exes was better in bed: Pitt or Affleck, Paltrow played it coy and said it was a “hard” decision to make. So she compared the two. “Brad was sort of major chemistry, major love of your life, at the time, you know,” she said, alluding to the strong connection she had with Pitt. “And Ben was like, technically excellent,” she said before laughing and blushing.

Elsewhere in the interview, Paltrow opened up about the first time she met Pitt on the set of Se7en. She said she was excited to meet “the most gorgeous movie star in America.” The two “sort of said ‘hi’ on set, and it was major, major love at first sight. It was crazy.”

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