A man in Paradise, California returned to the devastated area after being evacuated and found a horse alive and well in a backyard swimming. The horse was seeking refuge from the fire.
ABC News reported, “The mule shook off the water, stood “shoulder-to-shoulder” with her rescuers and appeared to thank them. “She came up and put her head in between us, let us love on her a little bit as a thank you,” Hill said. The mule then turned to walk away, but shot one last glance toward them. “As she was walking away, she looked back at us one more time,” Hill said. “I felt it was reassurance, saying, ‘I’m OK,’ and ‘Thank you.'””

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Well among all the sadness I had a glimpse of happiness today!As I was checking to see if someone’s house was standing...

Posted by Jeff Hill on Sunday, November 11, 2018
Horse found in pool amid wildfires

When a Paradise, California man returned to his evaucated neighborhood during the wildfires, he found a horse in a backyard swimming pool, seeking refuge from the flames.The horse was tangled in the pool cover, which prevented her from drowning. She is safe and out of the fire zone. fox6now.com/tag/california-wildfires

Posted by FOX6 News Milwaukee on Monday, November 12, 2018