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The top baby names of 2018 have been revealed, but there’s a new baby trend that’s gaining steam and that’s naming your new child after health foods.

Website BabyCenter says, “As fast food and processed snacks lose ground to clea eating and Paleo diets, more new parents are choosing baby names that reflect their love of healthy foods.”  So what are the popular names? For girls, it’s “Kiwi” and for boys it’s “Kale.” Other names that got honorable mention were “Maple” which was up 32 percent and “Clementine” that was up 15 percent.

Food & Wine reported, “Herbs and spices are inspiring names for both girls and boys,” BabyCenter continued. “Think Saffron (up 31 percent for girls), Rosemary (up 20 percent for girls), and Sage (up 15 percent for boys).”

If you could name your child after a health food what would it be? What are your thoughts on this new trend?

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