A woman writes that she loves her brother. He treats her kids amazing.

He buys them all the toys and junk food he can. He sends them cards, Facetimes with them and even though he hates Starbucks and says it’s for “yuppies,” he willingly will take her kids there if they ask him to. The woman says that both she and her brother have the same mother and father and were raised in the same house but she can’t bare to spend the holidays with him. She doesn’t know when he became racist. She said she is tired of worrying which news story will “trigger” him into a rant about immigration or terrorism. He has served three tours in Afghanistan and has severe PTSD. He works closely with his VA counselor. Her kids are at an age where they repeat everything and she does not want them to hear one of his racist rants.

Is she wrong for staying away during the holidays from her brother? Do you have a family member you are dreading seeing over the holidays?

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