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Netflix's 'Black Mirror' Receives Backlash For 'Gay Agenda'

Netflix's Black Mirror has received some harsh criticism for its latest season.

The criticism came for the series' episode titled "Striking Vipers," starring actors Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Some people on social media complained that Black Mirror was pushing "the gay agenda" (check out some of the comments below.)

Baddies R Us on Twitter

@FINALLEVEL @blackmirror Worst season they keep trying to play black people with this gay agenda shit

thegirl. on Twitter

The first episode of black mirrors is blowin my mindddddddd, this some gay ass shit????

Paul . on Twitter

Why they got the brothers doing gay shit on they video games ? Aha I'm weak af #BlackMirror

Diva ???? on Twitter

Black Mirror new season episode 1????? Why do the black guys gotta be gay?? Like how did that make sense in the story??!

Jenoel on Twitter

as much as i love #BlackMirror i felt like the gay agenda was pushed a little bit over the line and wasnt necessary in some parts in the first episode. Also this episode proves men don't cheat ????????

Pastor Blunttoome on Twitter

Aye that first episode of black mirror was dumb gay lmao what's up with this black man gay agenda shit

In the episode "Striking Vipers," a pair of friends (Mackie and Mateen) bond over their love for video games while sharing an apartment with a woman (Beharie) who ends up becoming Anthony Mackie's character's wife.

Once Mackie and his wife were married, they lost contact with their former roommate but reunited with him years later during a birthday party. The roommate brought a video game, "Striking Vipers" as a gift to the party.

Mackie then decided to relive his youth that he left behind once he got married and became a father, and returned to his old heavy gaming ways, joining his old roomie in the interactive world where they become fictional characters.

In the gaming world, the two old roommates find themselves caught up in a web of lust and sexual desire when their gaming characters fall in love with each other.

Check out more of the criticism below.

????_Orleans on Twitter

Watching black mirror on Netflix and this shit got my brain all twisted Anthony Mackie and his Bestie was have virtual gay sex ???????? #BlackMirror

I'm a fun guy on Twitter

When "gay agenda" Twitter gets ahold of that Anthony Mackie/Black Manta 'Black Mirror' episode, it's gonna be unbearable.

Melancholic Kai on Twitter

Black Mirror first episode is already gay propaganda I'm laughing this is some quality content

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