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Empire star Terrance Howard recently revealed some shocking news. The actor who portrays Luscious Lyon on the Fox network show announced that he is slated to retire from acting.

Gearing up for the premiere of Empire‘s sixth and final season (Sept. 24), Howard and his co-star Taraji P. Henson (Cookie Lyon) have been making their press rounds to promote the show’s final curtain call.

Howard and Henson both dished on the ending of Luscious and Cookie’s love story and what it has been like since Jussie Smollett’s departure. Howard and Henson were very candid regarding the negativity that has transpired the Lee Daniels-ran show within the past year.

When Howard, 50, was asked what was next for him by ExtraTV he said: “I’m done… I’m just focusing on bringing the truth to the world.”


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