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BATH, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 13: In this photo illustration, a £1 coin is seen a US dollar bill and 1 euro coin on October 13, 2017 in Bath, England. Currency experts have warned that as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues, the value of the British pound, which has remained depressed against the US dollar and the euro since the UK voted to leave in the EU referendum, is likely to fluctuate. (Photo Illustration by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Mom Sues Daughter for having Sex in her Bed – and Breaking It A British woman whose daughter broke her bed while having sex has successfully sued her.

The mom, identified only as Nicole, took on her sexually active offspring on an Australian TV show called “Trial by Kyle” — a court show similar to “Judge Judy.” She told TV judge Kyle Sandilands she’d asked her daughter, Rhiannon, to house sit while she vacationed for a week. “I said that she could have the spare room which has a nice queen size bed in it,” Nicole said.

However, she said Rhiannon used her bed instead — and didn’t use it alone. “The house was a mess, and when I went upstairs to my bedroom, I discovered that my bed was broken,” Nicole said. “I felt very violated by the fact that she broke it and didn’t actually care that she broke it.” While Rhiannon didn’t dispute the fact that her sexual antics broke the bed, she said it had been damaged before she and her lover climbed into it. ”

My mum most definitely contributed to the breaking of that bed,” she said. “I have heard things that you cannot unhear as a daughter.” The judge sided with the mom, and Rhiannon was ordered to hand over $2099 for a new bed.

Have you ever broken a bed while doing the nasty? Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?