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Dallas Woman Finds $37M in her Checking Account In what initially appeared to be the best Christmas present in history, a Dallas woman became an instant millionaire when $37 million suddenly appeared in her checking account.

Unfortunately, Ruth Balloon’s time as wealthy Texas socialite lasted only one day, as the money had been deposited in error. “I was hoping someone really gifted us $37 million,” Balloon says, recalling the moment she noticed the dramatic spike in her balance.

Her husband called Legacy Texas bank to ask about the deposit and was told the money had been placed in his wife’s account accidentally. Shortly afterward, the balance was back down to its original amount, Balloon says. Although Balloon says she enjoyed being a millionaire for a day, she feels the bank should throw her a bone to make up for the disappointment.

“A thank you reward would be a little good, you know?” she says. “Just for being a good customer and notifying them as soon as possible

” Do you think the bank should reward her for not running out and spending some of the money?

What’s the biggest mistake your bank has made with your account?