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Wallet Lost at Walmart Returned With More Than $5,000 Still Inside There are still good and honest people in the world. A woman in Canada took her parents shopping at Walmart. When she got home, she realized she lost her wallet. Her wallet contained $7,000 Canadian currency ($5,211 US currency) The money was from her two cannabis shops. When she called Walmart the guy who answered told her, don’t worry, now you can sleep tonight, it’s in our safe.

The next morning when she went to retrieve it, she was told the manager had found her wallet and put it in the safe. When the woman tried to reward him for his deed he told her that Walmart’s store policy forbid accepting any rewards. The woman calls him her “angel” because she has lost her wallet with far less money and never got them back. She said his honestly literally saved her business. Has anyone ever done a good for you? Have you ever done a good deed for anyone?