Krispy Kreme Has a $5 Deal Krispy Kreme is making things that much sweeter when that “Hot and Now” sign burns bright.

The restaurant has revealed a $5 dozen deal that goes into effect as soon as the light comes on.

This means that this week when the light is on you can stop by and get a dozen donuts for only $5.

Donuts are always a must and if you’re getting a deal on top of a craving; I think that’s a match made in heaven.

I feel like we all wait the time needed to get those delicious glazed delights but if there’s a deal on top of that  we all will patiently wait even longer for it.

You can also check the Krispy Kreme website or app to see if the “Hot and Now” light is on too, but you can only get the deal in-store.

How long have you waited for the “Hot and Now” sign at Krispy Kreme?