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There’s definitely been some controversy surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine but I must admit I didn’t see this coming. The Miami private school Centner Academy, which has two Miami locations in the Design District and Edgewater, has informed it’s employees that the school will no longer employ anyone who has received a shot.

According to Local 10, an email was sent out to parents on Monday  that people who have received the vaccine may be transmitting something from their bodies.  This could harm others, impacting fertility   of women and also the development of children at the school. The school administration insists that there are still too many unknowns with the vaccine and they plan to error on the side of caution.

In a post on the Centner Academy‘s website it stated their reasons:

“At CA we believe in health freedom. We know that every child and family at our school is unique. There is no one size fits all to vaccines. This is why we follow the Florida law and allow our parents to complete a medical or religious exemption form to opt out of the school vaccination program. ”


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