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We’re not talking about Tropical Storm Fred, we’re talking about what’s next.  Before we get to that, here’s the latest update on Fred, which is about to ruin our weekend.


The next one, currently listed as Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven, will likely be named “Grace”. Yes, a storm capable of flooding and destruction is named “Grace”. Fun, huh. The storm is taking a similar path as Fred, with Puerto Rico, DR, Haiti, and Cuba keeping the storm from getting too big. Also, the storm is moving fast, another thing working against it. If this thing comes into our neighborhood that would make two tropical storms in 5 days. We could see some serious flooding in SWFL, especially Cape Coral, which has been flooding recently even before these two storms.

Still a ways out, and things could change. Here’s a look at the models:


Like most people in this town, Joe Winner hails from the Midwest. Ohio. When not on the air, you’ll find Joe all over town supporting community events and various charities and handing out fun stuff to all the people. Joe’s on-air features include “Joe’s Meals On Wheels” serving up free lunch, and “Intermission” where the listeners have to name the correct movie of the day to win fantastic prizes.