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Wines That Are Weather Proof For Hurricane Season

It's not a typical Wine Wednesday in Southwest Florida. Residents are dealing with the lingering effects of Hurricane Idalia. When putting together my hurricane kit this week, picking the right wine was part of the process. Wine is always on my list of hurricane supplies along with water, non perishable food, and other basics that by the way, are tax free this week. So let's check out some wines for hurricane season. We all have our favorite foods to stock up or prepare in advance of a storm. Sometimes I cook several things and freeze them. Items in the freezer last longer in the event that the power is out.  Wine is best when consumed with food, even if that food is a mix of grilled meats, cold sandwiches, and salty snacks from your hurricane supplies. White wines are typically more enjoyable when chilled. Since hurricane supplies are intended to help sustain us when there is no power or water, I've only include reds. Here are five wines for hurricane season [gallery ids="369458,369452,369446,369455,369449,"]   Enjoy these wines for Hurricane season and always drink responsibly.   [select-listicle listicle_id="369149" syndication_name="five-white-wines-to-beat-the-heat-for-wine-wednesday" description="yes"]

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