This is an absolutely amazing post-Hurricane Ian view of Florida taken by astronaut Bob Hines who is on board the International Space Station. Hurricane Ian dumped and pushed so much water onto Florida that you can see the runoff from space. As explained by John Hurley PHD, “This is a great perspective on the hydrologic cycle. Water gets evaporated into the atmosphere, water gets caught up in a hurricane, water precipitates onto land, and water runs over land draining to the sea, water moving sediment.”

For the techies, the photo was taken on October 3rd with a NIKON D5 S/N: 3503270 at an altitude of  225 nautical miles. More details of the photo here.

To further explain the photo, The dark parts are the water running back from Florida into the Gulf Of Mexico. The light area is resuspension of sediments in the Gulf. So think about pouring more water into a bucket of water. Any dirt or other sediment from the bottom of the bucket is now floating in the water. That’s happening with the Gulf Of Mexico.

And now the next part about the Hurricane Ian water….

So while we continue to deal with the mess, we can probably expect red tide to show up as well. Please help in the recovery effort in Southwest Florida if you can. Donate to the Southwest Florida Emergency Relief Fund.

Pictures Of Bonita Springs In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian

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