Not sure how  Tropical Storm Elsa isn’t heading towards Disney World, the cone has her closer to Busch Gardens. The latest track has her just to the west of Orlando, but if a storm named Elsa doesn’t go to Disney World nothing makes sense anymore. As for SWFL, we remain in a Tropical Storm Warning as the storm travels NNW at 12 mph. Maximum sustained wind is still at 60 mph. Here’s the latest from the NWS:

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Along with the wind and the rain, we are expecting to see some storm surge. Here’s the map:

Elsa is currently in the Florida Keys and will be heading our way throughout the day. Be ready some wind gusts and periods of heavy rain. It’s also advisable to stay off the bridges when winds are higher than 40 mph.

Stay safe everyone. This isn’t Irma, but things can still get dangerous.

Tropical Storm Elsa




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