NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 04: Kim Kardashian West attends the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum on June 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

When you think of some of your favorite celebs, you may also be thinking about some of their “assets” and Fort Myers ranks #1 in Florida as the city most interested in Brazilian butt lifts.

Living in SWFL, we spend more time in our bikinis than anything else, and maybe you’re not as confident as you’d like to be when it comes to your backside and so you’re thinking about turning to the professionals for a little help in that area. A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that removes fat from another part of the body and puts it into the butt to make it bigger and rounder.

Cosmetica Med Spa looked at Google Search Trends in Florida about BBL’s and revealed that Fort Myers is on top, followed by Boca Raton, Plantation, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Davie, Miami Gardens, Lakeland, Clearwater, and Deltona.

You may have heard of the “zoom boom” which had interest in cosmetic procedures increasing with many people on Zoom during the pandemic, but now it seems to be all about the “booty boom” as there have been over 5.7 billion views of videos on TikTok with the #bbl, but don’t expect the procedure to be cheap, some people have spent more than $7000 for it!

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Kim Kardashian Criticized Over Her 'Attainable' Beauty Standards

The Kardashians are known for pumping their bodies full of filler and going under the knife to achieve their coveted bodies. In a new interview, Kim Kardashian was asked if she feels “responsible, even guilty, for setting an unrealistic, unattainable beauty standard.”

“If I’m doing it, it’s attainable,” Kim told Allure magazine in response. “There are so many different beauty standards — whether it’s Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Marilyn Monroe. When I was a teenager, [the look] was just blonde waifs. My mentality was never like, you see them on TV or in magazines and pick who you want to be. It was always: Be yourself, find beauty in everything.”

In the same interview, Kim maintained that the only cosmetic procedure that she’s done to her face was “a little bit of Botox,” but has “chilled.” She denied “ever” having any filler in her face or even eyelash extensions. “I’ve never had eyelash extensions. I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today. I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips,” she stated, adding that her eyebrows are also real.

Although Kim says she is pretty much natural in the face, she did admit, “I really, genuinely care about looking good. I probably care more than 90 percent of the people on this planet. It’s not easy when you’re a mom and you’re exhausted at the end of the day or you’re in school, and I’m all of the above. I do my beauty treatments usually late at night. After everyone’s in bed, I’m doing laser treatments.”

The interview has since sparked backlash, with people taking to social media to call out Kim’s “out of touch” and “delusional” claim that her beauty standards are attainable.

See what folks on Twitter had to say about her comments below:

  • The Privilege

  • Immeasurable Damage

  • Stop Doing Interviews

  • Out Of Touch

  • Seething

  • Nothing Is Attainable

  • More Money Than God


Fort Myers Brazilian Butt

Fort Myers Brazilian Butt

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