Wanna eat at a New Pop-Up Restaurant Inspired By Fancy Feast Cat Food?

Weird huh? It is also pretty exclusive too. Only about 16 cat people will get to dine at the restaurant.  Hard to imagine that many people want to try food based on Fancy Feast… Then again it’s hard to imagine people who live with 50+ cats in their house. They exist.  So a Cat food-based restaurant isn’t that far off. Could it be the cat’s meow or just gross?

The pet food company Fancy Feast will launch the pop-up restaurant in New York where all of the menu items will be inspired by their CAT FOOD tastes.

The Name Game:

The Pop-Up has an Italian name too, “Gatto Bianco” which translates to “White Cat.”  The brand’s packaging features a white cat on the label FYI. They also hired a Star chef to adapt the Fancy Feast recipes into food for people.

The Menu:

The food thankfully doesn’t look like cat chow at all. The main meals include roasted sea bass with capers and olives, braised beef with spinach and polenta, and salmon with saffron risotto. Sounds like a Fancy Feast to me. Throw in some Human Grade Catnip and I’m in.

Kitty Pics: