Hurricane Ian Monday 8pm Update – Warnings Are Out: Trying to find a positive here. In the Hurricane Ian Monday 8pm update at least it didn't get any bigger in the last 3 hours.…

Yeezus is Coming to Fort Myers. It has been foretold…

A press conference was conducted on Tuesday at Suncoast Credit Union Arena to promote the star-studded teams who will be competing in the Culligan City of Palms Classic, from December 16 to 21 in the high school basketball tournament, which last week unveiled its field.

According to News Press, the first two California schools invited to compete in seven years will be Corona Centennial and the prep school Donda Academy, both founded by Kanye West.

I wonder if we could be getting a Yezzus Half time show? That would be cool.  I can’t wait to see the team uniforms. I have so many questions. Does the team players have to search for their jerseys by digging through a trash bag? Kanye seems to like that sort of thing. I personally don’t understand.

Kanye was recently mocked for selling his Yeezy Gap clothing out of what look like trash bags…

Also, do the uniforms look like something out of a post apocalyptic world where one must volunteer as tribute?

According to reports, Kanye West is purportedly selling his new fashion line out of what appear to be trash bags after declaring last week that the “homeless” inspire him.

LOL. That’s so Kanye.

Classic Kanye: