Flu Frenzy in Southwest Florida: Finding Cough Meds is a Challenge.

Are you feeling under the weather in southwest Florida? Brace yourself for the ultimate scavenger hunt of finding cough medicine or cough drops on store shelves. With the flu season being one of the worst in a decade, the demand for medication has skyrocketed leading to temporary shortages at local stores. Even over-the-counter medicine has become a rare commodity, making little trickier to find in some areas. That’s where we are at folks. Need cough relief? Not a drop. Seriously. I couldn’t find a drop of cough drops.

If you are experiencing an itchy throat, you’re not alone in your frustration. Pharmacies across the country are facing high demand for cold and flu medication. So, if you can’t find your preferred cold/flu treatment products on the shelf, be ready to call gramma for some of her “Old World” treatments. Whiskey anyone? You could always ask the pharmacist for recommendations. But don’t be surprised if their suggestions include drinking a hot cup of chicken soup or having a bowl of ice cream, as those are becoming the new go-to medicine.

But have no fear, the flu season may be coming to an end soon. According to CNN, Flu hospitalizations have dropped for the second week in a row, a sign that activity is slowing down in most parts of the country. The Consumer Healthcare Products Association believes that as the flu slows down so will the demand for medication, and we’ll see an end to the shortage.

So, in the meantime, if you’re feeling under the weather, grab a blanket, a box of tissues and settle in for a marathon of your favorite TV show. Who needs medicine when you have Netflix and chill?


Tourists Vote This Florida City As The Most Disappointing City In The World

Before you travel, you spend time planning and organizing the best ways to maximize your vacation time. And budget. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. And some places just don’t live up to the hype. And the Florida city that’s most likely to let you down? Orlando.

The disappointment lies in what is being called “Paris Syndrome”. Paris is a city notorious for not living up to the hype.  As Radicalstorage puts it, “When we visit a city and it simply does not live up to the image we have created in our head it can be upsetting. For some, this feeling can cause very real physical and mental pain and discomfort, called Paris syndrome. ” People have an unrealistic image of what they expect Paris to be like. The same is true for Orlando.

In this study, Radicalstorage analyzed more than 826,000 TripAdvisor reviews from 100 of the most visited cities in the world. So we’re basically just looking to see which city people complain about the most. Orlando had the largest proportion of people complaining that their visit did not meet expectations. Additionally, Orlando had the highest percentage of reviews where tourists felt ‘ripped off’ and also the most comments of ‘rude’ people. Even ruder than New York.

This is a Worldwide study.

The Florida city of Orlando is the only city in the United States to crack the ‘Top 10 Underwhelming Tourist Cities”. Almost 1 in 5 TripAdvisor reviews for Orlando in 2022 leaned negative. Some of the more common complaints include the crowds and the recent increases in admission prices. There’s the key right there. The high admission prices at the theme parks. Taking your family to an Orlando park is incredibly expensive. And when things are less than perfect, you tend to feel let down. Add in, or course, people love to go on the internet and complain. So what other cities in the world are most likely to feel you wanting?

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