How to Avoid Getting Banned at Disney World.

Disney World, the “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” is a fantastic destination for many families and visitors around the world. But before you pack your bags and head to the mouse’s house, it’s important to know what not to do. From taking flash photos on rides to getting into altercations with cast members and other guests, there are certain behaviors that can not only ruin your experience but also get you banned from the park.

First, let’s talk about photography. Disney parks are some of the most photographed places in the world, and it’s easy to understand why. With colorful murals, themed lands, and costumed characters, there’s no shortage of picture-perfect backdrops. However, taking pictures or videos with a flash on can be distracting to other guests and take away from the fantasy of the moment. Plus, if you happen to drop your device mid-ride, there’s a good chance it’s gone forever.

Banned at Disney World:

Next, let’s talk about ride safety. While it may seem like common sense, hopping out of a ride vehicle mid-ride has become a thing lately. This is a major safety hazard! Doing this can also get you kicked out of the park and banned for life. Never climb things that aren’t meant to be climbed. Also hopping in fountains, and sticking your feet or hands in the water on certain rides is never a good idea. According to The Points Guy, someone visiting Epcot jumped off the ride “Living with the Land” to grab a cucumber. What an idiot!

Finally, it’s important to be mindful of your interactions with cast members and other guests. With the pressure of executing a perfectly planned vacation, it can be easy to let emotions get the best of you. But, getting into altercations, whether verbal or physical, can result in being asked to leave and could have legal implications.

While visiting Disney, it’s best to stick to the ride safety rules. Be mindful of flash photography, and keep your cool around fellow guests and cast members. By following these tips, you’ll not only have a great time but also avoid getting banned from the park.

The Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World in 2023, here’s the best time to visit the Happiest Place On Earth.

Everyone knows the enchantment of Disney World spells a magical adventure! From families and friends to couples, solo travelers and even marathoners – Orlando’s Walt Disney World is an unequalled experience in the shining Floridian sun.

But with visitor demand at its peak, it pays to plan your trip wisely. A few years ago I had some friends come down with their kids for spring break. Of course they wanted to go to Disney, and I didn’t want to miss out on seeing the kids experience it for the first time. Well, I’ll tell ya, after that trip, I know when to avoid the parks. I’ve never gotten hit by so many strollers and the crowds were almost too much to bear. We did get on some rides, but not nearly as many as if we went at another time of year.

Keeping your dream vacation afloat can be overwhelming but luckily there is help available through travel agents like Lauren Masarik of Intouch Vacations, who has spent over 12 years selling every kind of Disney getaway imaginable – so go ahead, live out those fairytale dreams without sweating any details!

The Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2023:

  • Best Time to Avoid Crowds:

    Right after school holidays. Not to say it’ll be dead (Disney never is), but usually the lowest crowds are right after those school breaks, so you can target mid-January, late April to early May and late August to late September when people don’t want to pull their kids out of school.

  • Best Time Based on Weather:

    It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you like mid 70s to mid 80s, going in March or late October through late November will give you the best chance for that. If you want extreme heat and humidity, shoot for May-July, but also expect daily rain showers. December-February can get chilly, but temperatures do fluctuate during the day so layer up so you’re prepared either way. 

  • Best Time for Best Value:

    Late August – September is idea because theme park pricing and hotel rooms are priced for demand. During the year, prices for tickets don’t go up or down too drastically, however the most expensive days are around the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday weeks. The more days you visit though, the less overall you will pay per day.

  • Best Overall Dates for 2023:

    Here, it really all depends what you’re going for, if it’s for a specific festival or event. For flexible travelers, Lauren always recommends late April to early May if you want to travel the first half of the year or mid-November/mid-December to enjoy the holiday decorations.

  • Worst Overall Dates 2023:

    The weeks around Easter; Spring Break and again the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Not to say it’s not beautiful at Christmas, because it definitely is, but if you choose that week between holidays, prepare for madness. I went to Epcot the Monday before Christmas and it was busy, but we got on almost everything and didn’t have to wait too long for food/drinks either. Magic Kingdom was above average, but Epcot was average and Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios were actually below average crowds.