Fort Myers has been graced by the presence of a curious and adorable pig! According to NBC2, last Saturday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office found a wandering pig on Palm Beach Boulevard near Ortiz Avenue. Rumor has it that the pig was sniffing around for some tasty treats, but we can’t confirm that yet.

What we can confirm, though, is that this pig is a domesticated one. So, it’s not one of those wild boars that run rampant in Florida. Nope, this pig is a cute little fella who loves belly rubs and snorting around for fun.

So, what’s the plan for this cute little porker now? Well, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has taken it upon themselves to give this pig a new home at Nan’s Ranch, the LCSO agricultural compound. And why not? With its inquisitive nature and playful antics, this pig is sure to be the talk of the town!

But the question on everyone’s minds is, how did this pig end up on the streets of Fort Myers? Did it escape from a farm or a petting zoo? Or did it just decide to take a stroll and explore the city?

One thing’s for sure, though. This little piggy is going to have quite the adventure in Fort Myers. From sniffing out the best local eateries to wiggling its curly tail at passersby, this pig is going to be the life of the party.

So, next time you’re in Fort Myers, keep an eye out for this lovable pig. Who knows, you might just catch it snorting around and making new friends. And if you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to pet its soft, pink nose.

Until then, let’s all give a big round of applause to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for giving this pig a new home. Way to go, guys!

Bacon Lovers Rejoice- Bacon Perfume Is On The Market

There’s people that love bacon, and there’s people that LOVE bacon, maybe even so much they’d like to smell like it 24-7. If that sounds like you, get excited because bacon perfume is officially on the market.

Wright Brand is celebrating their 100th anniversary and released the scent, named Wright N°100. According to the press release, it’s described as having notes of bacon, applewood, bergamot, white patchouli, sandalwood and maple syrup.

Cal Tharp, the senior brand manager for Wright Brand says, “One of the things that makes Wright Brand bacon special is that it’s real wood-smoked so we thought why not bottle up our signature real wood-smoked aroma to expand the sensory experience of our bacon. Not to mention, there are few things more addictive than the smell of bacon cooking (in the oven– that’s our recommended preparation).”

Wright N°100 is on sale now for $19.22 at


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