Ring, Ring! Oh, the sweet sound of technology snitching on misbehaving DoorDash delivery drivers. You won’t believe what a Ring doorbell camera captured in Kendall over the weekend. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a slapstick comedy, but it’s all too real!

So, here’s the scoop. According to WPLG, this DoorDash delivery dude shows up at some apartments, probably thinking he’s about to drop off a mundane food order. Little did he know, his performance was about to go viral.

First, our star delivery driver puts the bag of food down and snaps a pic to prove he’s done his job. But wait, there’s more! He decides to spice things up with a little extra seasoning. In a move that can only be described as “spit-tacular,” he spits not once, not twice, but three times onto the bag of food. Three!

DoorDash Drama:

As if that weren’t enough, he mutters something under his breath, shoots a guilty look at the camera, and saunters off like he’s just pulled off the greatest heist of the century.

Now, you might be wondering what drove this guy to commit such a heinous act. Well, the teenage recipient of this saliva-infused meal, Elias Crisanto, has a theory. He thinks the delivery driver got mad over a measly $3 tip. Hey, man, a tip’s a tip! No need to turn into a spitting supervillain.

Elias was quick on the draw, watching the whole slobbery incident unfold live on his phone. He immediately contacted DoorDash, sent them the video evidence, and demanded a refund, which, by the way, was initially declined. Wow. Seriously, DoorDash? Show some faith in your customers and their video receipts!

After a little phone call persistence, DoorDash finally saw the light. They sent the offending driver packing, declaring, “We do not condone this type of action.” Well, at least they got something right.

So, I guess you should always tip better… Otherwise you may fall victim to a spit-and-run.

10 Hot Spots For Chicken Wings In Fort Myers

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.  There is a national holiday for just about everything nowadays.

According to National Day Calendar it’s time to honor the chicken wing because National Chicken Wing Day is on July 29th.

How fitting it falls on a Saturday this year.  I just wish we had some football to watch, to go along with the wings.

Anyway, with the day quickly approaching, I thought I’d find out where we can find the best chicken wings in Fort Myers.  So, I enlisted the help of the friendly folks over at Yelp!

As most of us know, Yelp uses customer reviews and ratings to determine their rankings in a given location.  While I do agree this list is full of some delicious wings, two of my favorites aren’t included and I refuse to leave them out.

Of course, Hooter’s is my number one!  I have yet to find wings I prefer over these breaded bites of joy, covered in the hot sauce, nothing is better.  And my second favorite, also not on the Yelp list, are the wings at Pott’s Sports Cafe, extra crispy, hot, to die for.

Enough about my favorites (although you should listen to me), here are 10 hot spots for chicken wings in Fort Myers.

Next up we can debate ranch vs blue cheese 😉


  • Buckett’s Wings and More

    Buckett’s is a favorite for after baseball and football games.  It’s right down the street from Rutenberg Park.

    6301 S Pointe Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33919

    Buckett's Wings & More :: Home

    Located just off College Parkway on South Pointe Boulevard, Buckett's has been serving residents and visitors to Fort Myers for over 30 years. With our casual atmosphere and attentive Buckett's Girls to serve you, Buckett's is a great place to sit back, relax and catch the game on one of our 29 flat screen TVs.

  • Hogbody's Bar & Grill

    Not only are the wings good.  They’ve catered many of my parties and the Swedish meatballs are to die for.

    10440 Bayshore Dr North Fort Myers, FL 33917

    Hogbody's Bar & Grill photos

    Photo of Hogbody's Bar & Grill - "Honey BBQ wings" - North Fort Myers, FL




  • Wow Wow Wing House

    I haven’t tried this place yet, but the menu looks like they have something for everyone.

    1227 Miramar St Cape Coral, FL 33904

  • The Tubby Pig

    The name alone makes this place stand out.

    3732 Cleveland Ave Fort Myers, FL 33901

    The Tubby Pig photos

    Photo of The Tubby Pig - "BBQ table on front porch" - Fort Myers, FL


  • Wicked Wings

    We are all about supporting small businesses down at the beach after the year we’ve had following Hurricane Ian.

    61 Ave C Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

    Wicked Wings photos

    Photo 2 of 41 for Wicked Wings - Fort Myers Beach, FL

  • Lucy's Let's Eat!

    Chicken wings are their specialty!  They especially pride themselves in their garlic parm wings at Lucy’s.

    3449 Canal St Fort Myers, FL 33916

    Lucy's Let's Eat! photos

    Photo 24 of 34 for Lucy's Let's Eat! - Fort Myers, FL

  • Whiskey Creek Station

    This is the place that took over the green building on the corner of Winkler and McGregor, where Clancy’s used to be.  I’ve heard nothing but good things.

    11481 McGregor Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33919

  • Fat Katz

    The burgers, the wings, the beer.  Fat Katz is great.  Their sister location, Skinny Dogz, in Gateway is also great for brunch.

    10080 Daniels Interstate Ct Fort Myers, FL 33913

    Fat Katz photos

    Photo of Fat Katz - "Front And outside seating" - Fort Myers, FL

  • Wings & Rings

    Another favorite following a sporting event.  My kids love to go here with teammates.  They have video games for the kids and great drinks for the adults too.

    11751 S Cleveland Ave Fort Myers, FL 33907

    Wings and Rings photos

    Photo of Wings and Rings - "Building side on 41" - Fort Myers, FL

  • Wicked Wings n' Things

    Right down the street from the radio station.  We like to go here for the wings at lunch.

    8024 Alico Rd Ste A10 Fort Myers, FL 33967

    Wicked Wings 'n Things photos

    Photo of Wicked Wings 'n Things - "Jumbo flats" - Fort Myers, FL

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