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Joe Walsh, the owner of Fogarty’s on Duval Street was arrested shortly after midnight on New Years for failing to comply with the county’s curfew. He was cited with a misdemeanor count of violating an emergency management directive.

According to the directive, non essential businesses were expected to close at 10pm on New Years, essential shutting down the Key West entertainment district two hours before the stroke of midnight.  Upset tourists formed a protest on Duval Street not accepting the curfew saying that they came to Key West because of the lack of rules. Police were called in and the crowd was dispersed shortly after 11pm.

A SWAT team, officers with long guns and code enforcement arrived at Duval Street shortly after 10pm. When Fogarty’s refused to close, Walsh was arrested.

KEY WEST ENDS NEW YEAR PARTIES AT 10 P.M. - HOW'D THAT GO? - Florida Keys Weekly Newspapers

In an effort to limit the continuing spread of COVID in the community, Key West Mayor Teri Johnston enacted, and police enforced, a 10 p.m. curfew for the three nights of the New Year weekend - Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 31, Jan. 1 and Jan. 2.


Several arrested for violating Key West curfew order

Police arrested at least a half-dozen people on Thursday night for violating the City of Key West's New Year's Eve curfew, including prominent restaurateur Joe Walsh. Walsh has been a vocal opponent of several city COVID-19 restrictions and recently spoke at a Key West City Commission meeting against requiring people to wear masks.