Run For The Roses Betting Tips for the Derby

Here are some Run for the Roses betting tips for this weekend. What is this weekend, you say? The first weekend in May always means it's time for the Kentucky Derby. Personally, I've been to just about every major sporting event like Super Bowls, College Football Championships, Final Fours, NBA Finals, Golf Majors, Nascar Races and the Indianapolis 500, to name a few. But I have never been to the Kentucky Derby. Maybe someday I will check that box another time. But I may or may not have placed a wager or two on the greatest horse race in the world. I will admit I am not a horse racing expert by any means. That's why we have a horse racing expert come on our show at Craig Shemon and Company on ESPN Southwest Florida before every Triple Crown race to give us really sound advice! So, if one were to place a wager, have the most fun possible with it. Put on your best hat, make a mint julep and sit back and watch the fastest two minutes in sports on a nice wide-screen TV. And pick your favorite horse. Fierceness is washed outside his barn during the morning training for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 01, 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) RUN FOR THE ROSES TOGETHER! Now, there are many ways to pick a horse. Take a look at the betting odds and rule out the really long long-shots. Eliminate the favorite as well. What's the fun in rooting for the favorite? Perhaps, have your child pick a horse for you. Or, maybe a horse's name rings true to your personality. So let's take a look at a few horses and their betting odds in our Run for the Roses betting tips: There are currently 20 to choose from, which is a lot. I would expect a few withdrawals before tomorrow's start. Some of the favorites are Fierceness at +250 or 5-2, or Sierra Leone at +300 or 3-1. Some of the long-shots are West Saratoga, Grand Mo the First and Society Man all going at +5000 or 50-1. Perhaps you are a Steelers fan. Then go with Just Steel at +2000 or 20-1. Maybe your name is Dan. Go with Mystic Dan at +2000 or 20-1. Know someone named Marie? Honor Marie is +2000 or 20-1. Me? I just visited St. Augustine and drank from the Fountain of Youth so I will go with Forever Young out of the 10 post at +1000 or 10-1. Now just sit back and enjoy the Run for the Roses.

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