Gallery: The Photos Are Starting To Come In, Buffalo Is Getting CRUSHED With Snow

It's Friday afternoon on November 18th and right now Buffalo is getting a ‘Snowmageddon’ level of snow pack. Four FEET of snow. Here in Southwest Florida, we enjoy looking at pictures of snow. My favorite is watching it snow on tv. But what they're dealing with right now in Buffalo is just nuts. And they aren't done. According to the National Weather Service "An intense lake effect snow event is ongoing downwind of the Great Lakes. A cold front is currently moving east across the region, and west-northwesterly winds in the wake of the front will advect cold air over the relatively warmer lake waters. This will continue to produce snow bands that will with heavy lake effect snow in downwind areas. A second cold front will cross the region over the weekend, and periods of heavy lake effect snow will continue through Sunday with the most intense snowfall expected through this evening." You knew it was going to be bad when Jim Cantore showed up this morning. Definitely feel for you on that one, Jim's been here too often. The Buffalo Bills, who moved this Sunday's game to Detroit, posted this. The skies lit up last night with Buffalo snow - Thundersnow!   Here's some pictures taken around 2pm Friday afternoon. There's still more snow to come...

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