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Super popular California weed store COOKIES has purchased the marijuana treatment license from Tree King-Tree Farm Inc. and plans to open in Florida in 2021.

COOKIES is unlike any other shop, with stores in California having lines that wrap around the building. They feature stylish interiors, partner with celebrities like Rick Ross and Run The Jewels, and have a full selection of streetwear and accessories.

Some background: COOKIES, was founded by Bay-area rapper Gilbert Anthony Milan Jr., or “Berner”. His company now owns one of the only 22 Florida medical marijuana treatment center licenses. He’s also the first person of color to hold a license in Florida. The store in Los Angeles has reached sales of $450,000 in a single day.

Having a store in Miami appears to be tops on his list.

“I can’t wait to embrace the culture and vibe in Miami and hope to secure a location on South Beach,” Berner said. “That would be legendary.”


Here’s what their grand opening in Detroit looked like earlier this year:


Popular California marijuana company gets Florida license, prepared to open in 2021

A California-based cannabis company known for its celebrity partnerships, colorful marketing and crowd-drawing interiors is headed to Florida. COOKIES, headed up by Bay-area rapper Gilbert Anthony Milan Jr., or "Berner," has acquired one of Florida's 22 coveted medical marijuana treatment center licenses and plans to begin business in 2021.


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