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Schools have been dealing with the Devious Licks challenge where students stole and destroyed school property to post videos on Tik Tok. But this one is probably worse. Today, the Slap A Teacher Challenge begins.

According to Distractify, “In the latest TikTok trend, students are asked to calmly walk up to their teachers, slap them, and then run off, making sure that they capture the whole thing on camera. If anything, this trend is even worse than the devious lick challenge, in part because it involves actual assault. ”

This challenge has been designated the challenge for October, so it runs for the entire month before it’s replaced by a new challenge in November. There’s actually a list. November’s challenge is to kiss your friend’s girlfriend, and December’s challenge is to flash the entire school in the hallway. But let’s get back to the challenge that starts today. The Slap A Teacher Challenge.

Some South Florida schools have already sent warnings out to the students and their parents. As reported by Local 10 in an interview with Anna Fusco, president of the Broward Teachers Union. “Whether you’re the person that’s going to throw the punch or the slap or the grab, or you are videoing it, we are saying to press charges on every spectrum, whether you’re an accomplice or the actual person committing the crime,” Fusco said. “It is not acceptable that they think it’s funny or cute or it’s a challenge to go out and destroy and now to hurt.”

This challenge has got to be one of the stupidest things on Tik Tok. Not only is the student committing assault, but the evidence is then posted on social media to make it easy to prosecute.

Here locally, Lee County School has sent this out to the parents:

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Can we just go back to injuring ourselves trying to climb milk crates? (Just kidding, don’t do that either.) 




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