Ah Tik Tok. When last we checked on you, you were encouraging people to cook chicken in cold medicine. Today’s new fun Tik Tok challenge has students making fake dating profiles for their teachers. According to the Daily Record, “tech-savvy kids are able to create mash ups of teachers and post them on multiple platforms.”

Technology is allowing the students to record the teachers, then mix up the voices and add them to video. Photoshop and similar programs allow the students to place the face of a teacher on another body to show that teacher in a compromising position.  From there, it’s quite easy to create a fake dating profile to embarrass the teacher.

One school in Scotland is threatening it’s students with police action if caught doing this Tik Tok Challenge.

Some other Tik Tok Challenges to watch out for according to Cyberpurify:


The Benadryl challenge, teens take large doses of Benadryl to trigger hallucinations.

The  Black-out challenge,  holding your breath until you pass out.

The  Penny challenge, which involves sliding a penny behind a partially plugged phone charger.

The  Cha Cha Slide Challenge – teenagers drive recklessly to the rhythm of the song

Then there’s the tooth filing challenge,  users file their teeth with a nail file.


Tik Tok  has a lot of fun videos you can get lost in for hours. But like anything, there’s good and bad. Some of these challenges aren’t just dumb, they’re dangerous.

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