I guess you can do more with the Little Tykes Tuggy Sandbox than to just set it in your backyard. This  man has added a trolling motor so he can use the little tugboat to navigate Lake Monroe in Indiana. And the best part – he has registration papers. The boat is completely legal! It’s a Kid’s Sandbox Boat !

According to WISH TV, the owner of the boat is Nick Riley of Kentucky. He actually approached the authorities to show them his registration papers.

Along with the trolling motor, he’s also installed a cleat and cup holders.


He does look good in that little boat. Nick insists on keeping his little boat legal and in a facebook post states:

Nick Riley

“Just to be perfectly honest everyone is correct my Small boat did not have the Indiana Lake Sticker when arriving here I had to buy the sticker for my Baja which hauls my smaller boat into the coves (see profile pic) the girls at the front entrance couldn’t say for sure if I needed one for my TUGGY since it was hauled in on a boat with one
My Tuggy does not have a small trailer to haul it could you imagine backing that trailer down a ramp hahahaha
If Indiana DNR Law Enforcement can verify that I do indeed need one on this boat to comply with Indiana laws I will be more than happy to purchase one to clear up the matter 100%
Being this is my first time on an Indiana Lake it’s always good to know the ins and outs
And yes I know it needs the ky numbers on the side on the boat the print shop didn’t get them down in time for this trip
Thanks in advance”

Ok, so maybe setting off into the Gulf Of Mexico would be a bad idea but this little boat would be amazing in the bay or chugging up the Estero River. It’d also be great fun out at Keewaydin.  Who wants to build one with me?

Man Adds Trolling Motor To Kid’s Sandbox And Registers It As A Boat


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