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Drinking at a festival is expensive and smuggling vodka into Lollapalooza seems difficult. A single shot drink at Lollapalooza is $14. So what if there was a way to not pay $14 for a single. Here’s an absolutely genius hack for smuggling a bottle of Tito’s Vodka in to a festival.

If the video gets taken down, I’ll explain. The individual reportedly buried the bottle of Tito’s at Grant Park in Chicago three weeks earlier. Then, during the festival, went back to the spot and dug the bottle up.

I have no other way to explain this.

Fortunately the buried bottle wasn’t covered up with a stage, booth, or even port-a-toilets. According to TooFab, however, not everyone was happy about this video.  “WHY? WHY would u expose this power move to everyone? With great power comes great responsibility,” one asked.

Now that the trick is public, expect to see a lot more dug up grass during festivals.

Smuggling Vodka Into Lollapalooza

Smuggling Vodka Into Lollapalooza

Smuggling Vodka Into Lollapalooza

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