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(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Wingstop)

Like many other things, chicken wings are in short supply, so Wingstop has decided to find a way around it. By launching “Thighstop”.  It’s a virtual restaurant bringing you thighs instead of wings. You can get them in your choice of 11 different sauces and you have a choice of bone-in or boneless things. It’s a virtual restaurant, meaning you can’t go there, but it will be available in 1,400 locations and available on Doordash, or Don’t bother going there just yet, the website isn’t live. It’s possible they floated this idea to see the reaction.

The formal launch of this concept will be on CNBC today (Monday) at 1:30pm.

This feels like it should have been an April Fool’s joke, but really the whole world constantly feels like that.  I’m guessing if you put enough sauce on it, after a few beers, thighs and wings probable don’t taste all that different. But aren’t boneless thighs really just chicken tenders?


Wingstop is launching Thighstop

Wingstop is launching Thighstop


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